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Destination wedding in Italy

Many couples dream of getting married in Italy - absolutely understandable! The Italian flair, the good weather and the delicious food promise an absolute dream wedding.

A dream, but unfortunately not realizable? Oh yes! Today I would like to bring you a little closer to getting married in Italy and take away any worries and doubts.

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In Italy there are beautiful locations and cities where you can get married. Would you like to spare your guests the long journey? Then get married in Northern Italy, also here there are picturesque landscapes that promise an absolute dream wedding - Lago di Como, Lago di Garda or in Piemonte?

You are ready to accept a longer journey to enjoy the Italian flair to the fullest? Then you should definitely take a closer look at Tuscany - pure Italy!

As you can see, Italy has a lot to offer and you will definitely find the right thing for you!

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Wedding in Italy - too expensive?

No! A wedding in Italy is essentially no more expensive than a wedding in Germany. Costs that are not always incurred in Germany are accommodation costs. However, please keep in mind that you do not have to pay for the overnight expenses for all guests. Reserve different hotel contingents or rooms in the location, so the guests can individually select and book a room according to their price range.

Of course, the cost of your wedding will always depend on your wishes and number of guests, but planning a wedding in Italy is ultimately possible with the same budget you would spend on a wedding in Germany.

Language barriers

You don't feel confident in the English language or you are afraid that your counterpart in Italy doesn't speak English? Get some support!

In general, if you want to get married abroad, it is good to have a wedding planner by your side. Wedding planners have local contacts, they speak the local language or at least good English and know the mentality.

A dream becomes reality

You see, if you would like to get married in Italy, don't let it scare you and soon you will be standing at your free wedding ceremony in the sunny vineyards or dancing all night under the clear starry sky of Italy.


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