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Who is behind this blog and Wedding Perfection? That's me, Franzi from Wolfratshausen near Munich. I am a wedding planner for weddings in Munich, Bavaria and Italy.

Hochzeitsplanerin München, Hochzeitsplanung, Wedding Perfection

I am a trained foreign language correspondent in Italian and English, as well as a wholesale and export merchant. Before I decided to start my own business as a wedding planner and to further my education as an event manager, I spent a few years abroad and was able to learn a lot during this time. Still, traveling and getting to know foreign cultures is a great passion of mine.

Already very early, I played with the idea to go in the direction of event management, but then rejected it for the time being. As life goes, the joy of organizing and planning events never left me and I finally decided to dive into the wedding industry as a planner!

How would one best describe me? Optimistic, cheerful, detail-oriented, organized, courageous, humorous, responsible, careful, open-minded, curious!


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