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To find the perfect location for your dream wedding can become a hard challenge. The location is definitely one of the most important tasks in wedding planning and it can involve a pretty time-intensive research.

Thanks to my portfolio of wedding locations, I can support you by finding your perfect wedding location in Munich, Bavaria and Italy.

On the basis of your budget, the quantity of your guests and your expectations I will find your proper location and provide you a variety of locations to choose the correct one for you.

Save your time and energy and leave the search for the perfect wedding location to a professional wedding planner.

Wedding Perfection, Hochzeitsplanerin, Heiraten in Bayern, Tobias Tumac, Traumhochzeit, La Villa
Wedding Perfection, Hochzeitsplanerin, Heiraten in Bayern, Traumhochzeit, Tobias Tumac, La Villa


  • Phone call to adjust your expectations and imaginations

  • Individual locationscouting on the basis of availability and your criteria

  • 3 - 5 locations in a presentation with pictures, information, contact person and expected costs

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